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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  July 13, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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just after midnight, the unthinkable happened -- a shooting that left one man dead and another injured. >> we do not know specifically if words were exchanged or if there was any kind of controversy, but apparently, the suspect began shooting, buyer multiple times in to this group of people. >> state police say just after midnight, the 42-year-old and two other men went outside, witnesses say, to smoke.
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police say for an unknown reason, one man pulled out a pistol and opened fire, killing garrett instantly and wounding hale in the arm. >> they all said they heard several shots right in a row. there was no fighting outside, no argument between the two. he just shot first. >> witnesses described bircher as weird and unfamiliar and that he was staring at both victims intensely while they played will. nobody here at all knew him at all. -- while they played pool. >> nobody here knew him at all. most of the people that patronize our bar know everybody. >> police were evil it -- easily able to find and arrest him because he had started a bar tab, and they had his credit card. police met him at 7:00 friday morning at a church in westminster where he turned himself in. only question at this point --
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the motive. >> the fact is that they do not have a clear motive identified right now as to why this occurred. >> bircher is being rain right now on first and second-degree murder charges and first and second-degree attempted murder charges. we imagine he will be held without bond. as far as the surviving victim, he was recovering tonight at the shock trauma. >> thank you. within the last two hours, we confirmed that political consultant julius henson is now out of jail. he was sentenced for his role in the calls that went out on election day in 2010. prosecutors say those calls were designed to suppress the black vote. >> he had petitioned the court to allow him to visit his dying mother. a hearing on that request had been scheduled for monday. this morning, jail officials let
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him out. his attorney cites two reasons -- jail overcrowding, plus time of the sentence for good behavior. >> he was with his mother this morning, and i got word he had been released and went right to the hospital, and i'm sure he is there now with his sister. am i in may, a jury found him guilty of conspiracy to violate election laws. the panel acquitted him on three other counts, including election fraud. hanson acknowledged that he broke the robocall and that his company recorded the automated call. the circuit court judge ordered him to spend 60 days in jail and to 300 hours of community service. the sentence is harsh compared to the one his co-conspirator received after being convicted on four counts, including election fraud. according to his attorney,
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henson does not plan to leave his mother's hospital bed, and the next step for him will be to clear his name. cross sick -- calls to the prosecutor's office today were not returned. >> thank you. fire officials in bethany beach say the flames that gutted an oceanside development, and damaged several others were spread by an ocean breeze -- breeze. at least 100 firefighters from neighboring communities rushed to the scene. it took the more than 2.5 hours to get everything under control. ironically, crews have been called out to the very same home just a few hours earlier, but they are calling the fire coincidental. officials have not yet released damage estimates. but we do now know the name of the women killed in a house fire over the weekend. 53-year-old elizabeth jordan was
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found dead when firefighters responded sunday morning. it took a least 50 firefighters more than 40 minutes to bring this blaze under control. the exact cause remains under investigation. damage stands at $200,000. >> it is a busy afternoon commute as it is friday. a lot of people heading out toward the beach or just headed home. looking try right now. 95 -- looking dry right now. a couple of lights sprinkles right now, also in northern carroll county just north of westminster. maybe just a brief sprinkle this afternoon. that is the most we are expecting until we get into the night. 90 degrees right now down from the high at 95, currently dropping into the 80's right now as we head towards the airport. mostly cloudy skies tonight.
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showers become a lot more light -- likely especially as low as brought down into the 60's. details on the seven-day, which does include great chances. ammonal to the race for the white house. candidates have turned their attention to virginia, a state that until recently was not a political battleground. we explain why voters in virginia are now such a hot commodity. >> thanks. good evening. mitt romney is raising the issue of obama defense cuts that he hopes gives virginians second thoughts about the incumbent. >> president obama is campaigning for two days in virginia. the first democrat to lead virginia in generations. if he does this again this year, he could lose states like florida and ohio and still win the election. he demanded congress keep tax rates the same for everyone except the wealthy.
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>> the republicans disagree with me on this. mr. romney disagrees with me on this, and i'm looking forward to having a debate because if you say you want to bring down the deficit but you are not willing to let tax cuts laps for the top two -- the top 2%, it tells me you are not serious about deficit reduction. >> former president clinton pressured mitt romney to release tax returns that might show he shielded income overseas. >> the voters should make up their own mind about whether they think it is a good thing for a person who wants to be president to minimize his own tax liability by putting the money in overseas tax shelters. >> when they want to talk about bank accounts, let's talk about bank accounts. let's talk about the bank account of the american worker right now is trying to make ends meet. >> romney himself charged in a letter to the president, "your incenses insistence on slashing
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our military to pay the tab for your irresponsible spending could shut the doors on factories and shipyards and potentially shutter virginia military bases." a tough fight for a state that could be key in november. virginia polls but the president and head -- put the president ahead. today's polls show mitt romney falling behind on who would be best on the economy. >> still ahead, a dramatic scene early this morning in montgomery county. >> flames scorched this apartment complex, leaving eight people stranded in sight. how firefighters sprung into action when we come back. >> from the traditional to the chemical, the newest exhibit is designed to get folks moving toward a healthier lifestyle. >> first, more questions than answers tonight after police fi
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>> if you're just joining us, a look at what is happening right now. a 26-year-old in critical condition after police say he was shot in the head in broad daylight. investigators say they responded
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to queens very avid just after 5:00 yesterday evening, and that is when they say they found the victims' suffering from his injuries but no gunman in sight. police said the investigation is ongoing. >> 11 is told you about this makeshift plastic surgeon after one of her patients became extremely ill from the procedure. she pled guilty to administering the injections in several cities, including here in baltimore, using glue and cotton balls to try to prevent the silicone from leaking out. she was sentenced to three years in prison. federal judge also ordered to pay a $25,000 fine, plus $8,000 in restitution. more than 70 people in montgomery county are homeless tonight after a fire but through their apartment complex this morning. flames broke out at the would like apartments around 7:30. we're told the fire was so intense and fast-moving that
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more than 100 firefighters were called to the scene. we're also told they had rescued eight people from the building who had been blocked by and by smoke and flames. no word right now on what caused the fire -- who had been blocked in by smoke and flames. >> a new medical effort launched to encourage people in baltimore to practice safe sex. in the first ever sex in the cities in this conference, they will be discussing some pretty staggering statistics relating to sexual practices in certain baltimore neighborhoods. of the 55 communities in baltimore, a druid heights is ranked worst in life expectancy, only because of diabetes and cancer, but also because of hiv and aids -- not only because of diabetes and cancer. the conference will offer free testing every day from 4:00 until 7:00. it takes place monday through wednesday if you are having
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trouble getting your children to be more active, this program might help. it is aimed at curbing the childhood obesity problem. >> get ready to move. the newest exhibit will wear you out. >> it is a lot of moving. >> street games on the first floor is here to say. -- here to stay. it has activities designed to encourage families, especially children, to get healthy and live at the healthier lifestyles. >> using the benefit of a computer, but getting children to move, but also good old- fashioned games like hopscotch, jump rope, bike riding. dam it simulates boxing movements, but there are balance -- >> it simulates boxing movements, but there are balance movements, dance movements, and it is the fun part that they hope will put kids on exercise.
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>> in the united states today, one in every three children as overweight or obese, which is tragic. if you have a child that is overweight or obese, you are looking at adulthood with diabetes, poor health, heart disease. these are things we know families do not want their children to inherit. we are asking them to make wellness and have it earlier and adopt these healthy behaviors earlier in life. and if these sisters are any indication, street games is doing its job, getting their heart rates of and blood pumping. >> i am tired. worn out. >> when your going, you can really feel it in your size. when you look, you can feel it stretching. dance resolution -- dance revolution as hard because you are moving your legs, too. >> they plan to launch a mobile version in 2013, and they will talk it out to community events to get the public moving.
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>> good afternoon. we have some fairly decent weather for the afternoon rush. we can see a couple of sprinkles on hb doppler. nothing serious right now. these are all shipping off towards the northeast into pennsylvania here you have been experiencing a couple of light showers right now. take a live look at the ocean city, and i wish i was on the beach right now. we have some people enjoying temperatures for ocean city, and there will be a couple of light waves pushing in. a couple of clouds in the sky, but overall, pleasant weather for the rest of the eating -- the rest of the evening. warmer as you head towards baltimore. i degrees right now. 87 at the airport.
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what a difference as you look out toward the west. it has already dropped into the 60's. that is where we saw that cloud cover, a public showers. it is definitely dropped temperatures through the last couple of hours. we always want to talk about the two. temperatures, especially in the summer. as we know, the more humid it is, the hotter it feels. not too bad right now. relatively low numbers. it gets a little bit more humid as you head toward annapolis. 63 in cambridge. the higher the number, the more humid it feels. not too bad an evening shaping up. we have that clout shaping up from the west. most of the range racking up into pennsylvania right now. that is the change as we headed to the night. we could have more showers moving our way. stronger showers to north carolina and into kentucky as well. all this will be pushing north through the overnight hours. showers all across the southeast
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of the to the great lakes region and even more rain happening out in the west. all great news as many areas of the country, especially in the south, in a widespread drought right now. any rain we get tonight, pretty beneficial. showers possible. we drop down into the 70's downtown and 60's in the suburbs. not a bad saturday. time for showers and storms. keep that in mind if you will be outside, but there will be dry weather in between. 30% chance of storms especially in the afternoon. highs each day in the mid-80's. getting close to 90's by sunday. no major heat wave coming up. just a very typical summer pattern each and every day. it includes the threat for showers and storms into next week. >> thank you very much. fans wondering where the orioles are heading as the get ready to start the second half of their 2012 season. >> especially after two straight
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shutout losses before the all- star break. we will have a live report to look at what they need to remain playoff contenders. >> members of the obama administration spent the day in east baltimore. i will tell you
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>> in tonight's education alert, morgan stanley hosted a white house listening meeting on issues specifically affecting african americans. >> education was just one of a half-dozen issues on the minds of americans. >> president barack obama sent over his top policy leaders, including his senior adviser, to listen to concerns from the african-american community. in fact, it is the last of four similar meetings held across the country. >> the white house meeting is held in a morgan state ballroom. topics range from health care and housing. >> i hope to be able to contribute something to this
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discussion. >> she was one of hundreds of people showed up to join the conversation. >> education absolutely is a critical issue. if we do not pay attention to education, the future of our country is in jeopardy. >> president obama's point person and senior adviser lead a team of administration officials into will be the president's track record on issues like education. >> making college affordable, doubling pell grants, investing millions of dollars in predominantly african american universities, making sure we got rid of them middlemen so the student loans cld go to people who needed them most. >> that is one reason why this person showed up. >> i would like to hear about student loans. that is a huge concern for a lot of students right now. it is really important. >> a concern facing students at colleges and universities across the nation.
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morgan state's president sits on a white house committee on the role of historically black colleges. >> president obama has been there to work hand in glove with us, to raise the pell grant to the highest level ever in the history of higher education. we appreciate his leadership with regard to the student loans and keeping those loans from doubling in terms of the interest rate. >> the morgan state president is among those who will agree that more needs to be done to help students start and finish college. >> besides baltimore, the white house has held african-american policy forums in las vegas, cleveland, and jackson, mississippi. >> thank you very much. prince george's county got an unexpected surprise right in the middle of their managers. -- manicures. >> why officers invaded this nail salon. they say it has been a long time coming. >> it isann -- is ann#f#f#f#f#ff
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>> here's a look at some of our top story this hour. baltimore police say they were serving a warrant for attended murder when one of their
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officers shot and killed a man. e're told ronal cox jr. attacked the officers using a martial arts sword. the investigation was ongoing. we will have much more on this investigation and a live report at 6:00. and it was breaking news yesterday at 5:00, a southwest airlines flight carrying more than 100 passengers diverted. we learned it was all because of a cleaning solvent that transportation officials say was used by the flight crew, and it triggered a possible hazmat situation, which caused the plane that was headed for chicago to land abruptly in baltimore. they did air sampling on board the flight. two flight attendants were taken tohe hospital as a precaution. and we have confirmed that political consultant julius
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henson is out of jail tonight. he was arrested for his role in the book robocalls that went out on election day 2010. prosecutors say the calls were designed to suppress the black vote. a hearing on his request to visit his dying mother had been scheduled for monday, but jail officials released in this morning. two reasons were cited -- jail overcrowding and having earned time of his sentence for good behavior. >> the cat is launching a four- month operation to crack down on distracted driving, targeting a for your particular stretches of road and one specific behavior -- ann arundel county is launching a four-month operation. >> it is an operation to deal with the growing problem of distracted driving. >> distracted driving is a growing problem nationwide. especially dangerous is texting
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while driving. the researchers showed it is probably the most dangerous -- showing it is more dangerous simply because folks are taking their eyes off the road for longer periods of time. >> a warning to those who use a cell phone or text while driving. for the next four months, different locations throughout the county, police will be looking for distracted drivers, and if they see you, they will pull you over. >> we want to make the roads as safe as possible and everything we can as a police department to reduce a serious, life- threatening, or fatal crash. also, i would be remiss if i did not let you know people are subject to enforcement. >> we went out with one of the special officers looking for distracted drivers. the officer told us it is hard to spot someone texting. while we were with him, he could not catch anyone, but in this drug, the driver was talking on the phone while driving.
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since he had a taillight out on the truck, he was pulled over. the officer gave the driver a warning, and he said he was fine with the and cold over. >> my wife called me. we have some medical problems. that is why. >> it is, i guess, a good reminder. >> that is good. i do not mind, you know? i am ok. >> the idea of operation eagle is to not just give up tickets, but to also educate the public that distracted driving is dangerous. >> the main purpose is to get the word out about distracted driving. the great fortune of the accidents we have now are caused by distracted driving. >> we want you to take a our3d 00 00 -- our 3-d pledge.
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in the meantime, we want to let you know those newspeak cameras we have been telling you about in baltimore county -- they are now active. after a technical glitch in the system, police tell us portable cameras are up and running. the 30-day grace period begins right now. after 30 days, you will begin getting tickets you will have to pay for. it is crunch time for the orioles. they start the second half of the season with a home series against the detroit tigers in less than two hours from now, and it is the first game back with the office of heavy hitter that in the lineup. i understand if the playoffs
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started right now, they would be in as a wild card. >> they would indeed. here they are, 45 and 40, 5 games over 500. the first time they come out of the all-star break a better than 500 since 2005. he has not played since may 19, and during that stretch, the orioles are 12 games under 500, so it is important to get him back, but what is interesting -- tonight for the first time in his career, he will bat leadoff. they are doing that because the orioles have been so will fall at getting on base. we are going to need him to bat first, and that is fine with him. he is happy to be back in the lineup at all. >> there is definitely something different. i am just glad it is over with. today has come slowly, but it is
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here now, and i am ready for it. i cannot say i am pain free. there is soreness, but as long as i'm doing what i need to do, it is fine. it is just a matter of taking care of it, but i need a place, so let's get rolling, and i'll just take care of it as we go. >> other good news today. just a few moments ago, they reached terms and did so at the 11th hour. much more on that story coming up later in sports. >> thanks. americans are getting ready to support team usa at the london olympics in just two weeks. >> but there is not much support for the uniforms the athletes will be wearing. why some members of congress are upset over where those uniforms were made. >> some city firefighters are
5:37 pm
upset over a new social media
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>> tonight, washington, d.c., police chief says there are conflicting reports about a possible threat that a police officer may have made about first lady michelle obama. the secret service is investigating allegations of what it says were inappropriate comments that the officer made about the first lady. the officer apparently worked as a member of the motor escort for the white house. the "washington post" is citing anonymous police officials that -- and reporting the officer said he would shoot mrs. obama and showed a photograph on his phone of the gun he would use. >> lawmakers on both sides of the aisle were upset tonight over reports that the uniforms for the u.s. olympic team were made in china. the senate majority leader even said they should be burned. the berets, slacks, blazers, and trousers were designed in
5:41 pm
america but actually selling in china. >> to work so hard, and we want very best, and they really should be made in america. >> associates of the u.s. olympic committee called the outrage nonsense and and the choice saying about lauren is an american company -- ralph lauren is an american company. >> the way they had last month power outages -- >> they say finds i needed to change the behavior of utility and help restore power faster. in our consumer alert, their call for consumers to help in the effort. but first -- >> we were just in here. >> a police raid in the middle of a manicure. why authorities in prince george's county stormed a nail
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>> coming up tonight, one man is dead after being shot by police in baltimore county. but lead to the incident and its relation to an attempted murder case. also, the baltimore fire chief is putting a social media policy in place. we will explain why. plus, who could be second on the -- #two on the gop presidential ticket in november?
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>> this police raid captured on video in prince george's county. officers say they broke up a ring selling what is known as liquid gold, but this contraband may surprise you. >> you are watching the rate -- raid of the star nail salon, five nail technicians arrested and charged with theft, caught in a police sting. investigators say the suspects knowingly bought stolen products and resold them to people in vietnam. the raid caught a number of women customers in the midst of their managers. tell me what it was like. >> it was a nightmare on elm street. >> tell me what happened. >> we were just in the air.
5:46 pm
they just came in and raided. >> in the back room, some of the stuff they say they have been dealing in. razor blades. fragrances, and, of course, the ever popular tide. to increase the profits, they say they dilute it with water. >> in addition to the nail salon, police raided two holmes -- homes and three cars. >> we had our undercover operatives listening to conversations in vietnamese, and they would talk about selling to the store back home. >> lots of money? >> a lot of money. we have them for up to $6,000. >> and that is only over a couple of weeks. >> this investigation carried out by a special unit of the prince george's county police
5:47 pm
that focuses on organized retail crime. it was this unit that first uncovered how thieves were profiting from stolen tide detergent and how in our area, it has become liquid gold. >> police say that investigation is not over and we should expect more searches and arrests in the future. >> the weather turning out not too bad for the afternoon rush. a lot of people heading out for this friday afternoon, but we can see most of 95 all the way drive. not only from the delaware line, but heading all the way down towards the sea it is the northern part of the state that has a couple of white sprinkles. -- a couple of light sprinkles. most of that not even reaching the ground, and that will be the case over the next couple of hours. it is the northern zones that have the best chance to see a
5:48 pm
couple of raindrops. the rest of the state gets a chance to see the action as we head into tonight and into the weekend as well. let's look at how our they shape up. it was much warmer downtown. compare that to the normal at the airport. 88 and 67 are your normal highs and normal lows. much cooler than our record of 99 set back in 1966. no rain recorded either at the airport or the harbor. temperatures still in the 80's at the airport. 80 degrees right now in ocean city. still warm enough maybe to be out on the beach. much cooler in the western part of the state would they have seen the bulk of the showers. you can see a couple of showers still left over. a lot of clouds pushing in from the west, basically all the way towards the bay. anywhere east of the day -- bay, will get a shower. this is of great news. and the rain falling right now
5:49 pm
in the southeast, also down into texas -- they definitely need it. we are in a slight drop, but severe drought as you head down towards the south. this weather pattern will continue not only for us but for the south. showers become a lot more possible especially as we had laid into the night. tomorrow, and shower or thunderstorm possible at any time, but you will still have tons of dry weather, clouds, and sunshine. ocean city, variable winds tomorrow. they will have highs in the mid- 80's both saturday and sunday. 30% chance for thunderstorms. we see the low 90's sunday and beyond with an isolated chance of thunderstorms each and every day. >> we begin tonight's consumer alert with late breaking details regarding visa, mastercard, and millions of merchants and
5:50 pm
credit-card thieves. along with major banks, the two companies will now pay more than $7 billion to millions of merchants represented in a settlement that involves payments called interchange fees that people paid in credit card transactions dating all the way back to 2005. now come to the outrage over last month's like the power outages --lengthy power outages. senators are urging legislators to fine pepco and bge. they say the money could be used to create what they call a surge reserve that would pay for additional trained workers, who could then help restore power faster. the senators have launched a web-based drive where consumers can support their idea. we have a link on our website. meantime, the maryland public service commission is launching a series of public hearings as part of its review of the utility company's performance
5:51 pm
during the widespread outages. they are scheduled for september. we also have that in commission on our website -- that information on our website. big story on wall street -- stocks surged in late-market rallies. the dow jumped more than 200 points to finish at 12,777, its best day of the month. the biggest gainer today -- j.p. morgan chase, which easily beat initial forecasts. this comes even as the country's biggest bank now says losses from their recently reported trading blunder are nearly triple the original estimates. >> two months after the ceo said this about the trading blunder at j.p. morgan chase -- >> we made a terrible, egregious mistake -- that he is saying it is even worse than it first appeared. he disclosed the losses are
5:52 pm
nearly triple the original estimate of $2 billion but said the bank remains strong. >> we do not like making light of this error, but we do think it is a singular event. >> he said managers tied to it had been dismissed without severance pay. plus, the bank planned to revoke two years' worth of pay from each of those executives in a procedure called a claw back. they include them woman who once oversaw the division that made the bad trades. she will be forfeiting $20 million in compensation. some analysts wonder what compensation -- what dimon should face. >> we made a mistake. i am responsible. the buck stops with me. >> he also said employees had deliberately hid the bad trades, which could constitute a crime. with all this, jp morgan still
5:53 pm
earned $5 billion last quarter, but critics point out it would have been twice that without the loss. >> what started out as a story that a police-involved shooting has developed into a dual county investigation connected to a teenager being kidnapped at gunpoint. how last night's ordeal is linked to an attempted murder in howard county. but first, it is the next generation of the olympic spirit the 2012 summer games will be on more digital platforms than before.
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5:56 pm
>> the opening ceremony of the summer olympics is just two weeks away from today. >> this time around, it will be a very huge one and also promises to be a major event on line with social media. nbc plans use more digital platforms than they have never used before. >> starting with $270 on nbc -- >> when the olympics begin, the coverage onslaught goes beyond just tv. >> we will be hit with the olympics in every single screen we look at. it will be inescapable. >> nbc is teaming up with youtube to live stream more than 3500 hours of evidence. senior editor says the effort is unprecedented.
5:57 pm
>> no one has but tech to the test like this. >> olympics streams for the first time will be available on both apple and android mobile devices. >> we are really trying to do new things and give olympic content to all the fans of the olympics, no matter where and when they want it. >> the senior vice president for digital media at nbc sports says that flexibility extends to a second global reps, the will provide additional content, including a prime time companion feature to serve as a second screen experienced during the competition. >> you also have a culture where we are holding tablets in our hands and smartphones in our hands while we are watching tv. >> that allow for lots of social sharing. nbc teamed with facebook for analytics page to host -- for an
5:58 pm
olympics page to host exclusive content. >> we hope people will tune in online and on their apps to watch this content. >> that is along with the traditional way of watching the olympics -- on tv. >> again, summer olympics begin july 27 in london, and you can see it right here on >> you can. that is all for news at 5:00. here's a look at what is coming up a 6:00. >> of baltimore county man is dead. the connection between that and a case in howard county. >> and an early morning murder at a carroll county bar. that story straight ahead. >> firefighters bad mouthing policy in tweets. how the chief plans to muzzle their gripes. >> our big story tonight -- we
5:59 pm
first reported the story this morning at 5:00 a.m. a man shot and killed by police in baltimore county. >> since then, we have learned what led up to the shooting and exactly why authorities were at that location. >> police tell us that they opened fire after a man attacked them. the reason they were at the home early this morning -- a warrant for the man's knees -- niece and another man. >> the officers were yelling loudly that they were police officers as they moved through the home. >> police say the man attacked officers with a sword. it was just before midnight when he heard the frightening sound and noticed police in his neighborhood. >> i came rushing out the door. all i saw was police all over the place. ambulance, fire trucks
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